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The strategic combination of America's Auto Auction and XLerate Group created one of the nation's premier providers of vehicle auctions with a total of 39 auction sites across 18 states. We ask your patience as we merge these two great companies, and build the infrastructure needed to grow our digital and mobile auction businesses and related financing companies. Together, our companies will develop a platform built on lasting relationships and superior service that leverages the best of digital and physical offerings and will further redefine our remarketing industry.

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Our vision is to become the leading vehicle remarketing platform in the United States.

We will accomplish this by combining the best of physical and digital, the best of relationships and data, the best of our operational scale and expansive footprint and offering high quality financial services.

Our business is built on three pillars:

1. Supporting our talented people who perform every day
2. Focusing on customers by providing outstanding service with integrity 3. Achieving industry-leading operational excellence and profitability, allowing us to invest in our people, facilities and technology

We operate transparent marketplace and financial services solutions that create value for buyers and sellers and treats them with equal importance.

We proactively use data and relationships to anticipate both demand and supply, creating value by positioning inventory, providing ancillary services and enhancing buy-side liquidity.

We believe in a digital future and will transform our company and services to meet our customers' digital expectations and increase efficiency.

Our goal is to be the most respected player in our vibrant market.